Community of Creators / We are the board!


Sakir de Castro

Chief Executive Director

University Bachelors Student in International Relation & Politics.

Hobbies Include: Graphic Design, Event Planning and Community Practice!


Kristen Sorton

Creative Director

Bachelor Student in Media & Design. 

Videographer en Video Editor.

Loves music & the arts!


Sabrina Carty

Communications Director

Master in Marketing & Communications. Has a Passion for nature, animals and traveling!


Brendan Webster

Events Director

Bachelor in Human Movement Science. Hobbies include: Weightlifting, Swimming and staying active & healthy!

Our Vision / Create a network of members, who are willing to share their knowledge, trades and personal experience with each other. Enabling powerful connections that will foster collaboration and support amongst our members!

Our Aim / The Tribe will combine it’s efforts

to create new sustainable projects through 

collaboration, co-creation and the coordination of all our unique capabilities. Generating hybrid projects going well beyond open innovation. By multiplying the capacities of our members, new ideas can emerge, 

and with them, a new and better Tribe!